STRONG and Cohesive Leadership

Last Friday and Saturday, Designing Leaders’ Chief Teaching Officer, Dr Thomas, spoke at the 1st Philippine Leaders’ Convention, which was held in the Clark Freeport Zone, about 100km from our office in Manila. It was an especially interesting opportunity for Doctor Will since, despite growing up with a father in the US Air Force and then serving 21 years himself, he had never been to the grounds of Clark Air Base, which was one of the US Air Force’s most important bases until it closed in 1991.

His talk focused on creating a culture of STRONG leadership as a way to provide cohesion and improve growth in the face of change. The elements of STRONG leadership consist of

S- Sustainability
T- Trustworthiness
R- Resilience
O- Openness
N – Nation-building
G – Grit

It was a great opportunity to hear some very knowledgeable speakers and learn about the opportunities being created in Clark and the entire Pampanga region. If you are looking to expand your operations in Asia, and particularly in the Philippines, it’s worth looking at this area in addition to considering Manila and other major cities.