Keynote Talks

Designing Leaders is pleased to offer a set of Keynote Talks given by Dr William Thomas.

Dr Thomas draws upon 30+ years of military, academic, consulting, and athletic experience to inform and inspire audiences.

Based upon his research and professional experiences, Dr Thomas will present a 1-2 hour talk, tailored to meet your needs, that helps people see what is possible and ignites their internal motivation to make it happen.
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Based on Dr Thomas’ book CROSS THE LINES: A Journey to Complete The Marathon Grand Slam, this talk shows how we can prepare for change and embrace the opportunities it brings, rather than feeling worried about life’s uncertainties as we pursue our goals.

When we describe our environment as Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA), the one piece of that which we can control the most is Uncertainty. This talk explores key lessons learned from the military, the private sector, and other settings, helping your team find ways to reduce Uncertainty in their own setting and improve the organization’s success.

Management expert Peter Drucker supposedly said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” because no matter what strategy you follow,  if it conflicts with your organizational culture, then the culture will win. Based on his experiences helping to change the US military’s culture after the Cold War, Dr Thomas offers your team the tools to identify the conflicts between culture and strategy and find ways to close the gaps.

The key ingredients of agility are collaboration and innovation, but neither of those can be created by simply hanging posters in the elevator or giving out coffee mugs with catchy slogans. Dr Thomas helps your group understand how agility will help their particular situation and what it will take to make that happen.

Traditional corporate cultures encourage people to focus on their own objectives rather than on the success of the larger business. Using lessons from the battlefield as well as the private sector, your employees will learn how to change their mindsets and build habits to enable strategic thinking for growth and success.

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