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Building Long-Term Value for the Business

Traditional corporate cultures encourage people to focus on their own specific objectives rather than on the success of the larger business. Even when pay increments and bonuses are based in part on the company’s performance, the majority of the criteria typically come from meeting individual KPIs. The message is clear: focus on your own small piece of the company, rather than on the company as a whole.

That needs to change.

Opportunities and challenges emerge at a faster pace than ever before. It is not just technology companies that are experiencing dramatic changes; even industries like banking are facing new kinds of challenges, both from small fintech startups and from established giants like Apple and Alibaba. Companies need a plan for the future while being flexible enough to change that plan quickly and achieve their goal by different means. That demands a new kind of thinking and working by employees throughout the entire organization, who can find innovative ways to add to the company’s business value in an ever-changing world.

This two-day, interactive class will focus on:

– Defining what strategic thinking is
– Articulating the company’s strategic environment
– Evaluating what it takes to think strategically
– Identifying what needs to change to enable a strategic mindset

The first day addresses these questions to build a framework and allow participants to know what key questions to ask. The second day involves a collaborative exercise in which participants work together to design a strategic vision for the business and then define their role and the impact they can have on business value. (Note: if organizations prefer, they have the option to only do the first day)