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Knowing How to Get to Where You Want to Go

Too often, organizations may have goals that they talk about, but they mostly just hope for the best when it comes to reaching them. They have a destination in mind, but no roadmap to help them get there.

Why do people do that? Here in Asia, many leaders say it is because change happens so fast that a plan seems out of date by the time they finish writing it. That misses the most important point about strategic planning: the real value is not in the plan itself, but in the planning process.

It is not enough to just dream about what could be…a good planning effort forces you to be realistic, but also helps you redefine what you mean by “realistic.” The simple act of putting things down on paper forces you to really think, to debate ideas, to divide up your resources and match them to your goals. In short, it gets you away from talking about all those things you should be doing and moves you in the direction of actually doing them. Whether you are leading a company, or you are a manager leading a smaller effort within a bigger organization, it is important to know where you want to go and what it will take to get there.

This class will focus on:

– Establishing effective business goals
– Understanding the business context
– Identifying realistic and achievable options for reaching your target