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Creating a Culture of Open Communication

Open communication is important for getting all of an employee’s best contributions, but getting that communication to happen is a challenge. In some Asian cultures there are factors embedded in society that negatively affect communication, while other roadblocks are just normal human nature. If you can overcome the common obstacles to communication, you can create more business value and pull ahead of your competitors. A culture of communication can help you find new revenue opportunities; improve relationships with, and referrals from, existing customers; reduce talent costs by building a stronger employment brand; and, improve your team’s skills though knowledge sharing and informal development.

Rather than simply telling people “communication is good” or spending time in team-building exercises whose lessons may not translate into the real business world, this session focuses on your needs and the structural changes that will help an important cultural transformation to happen. We will look at:

– The business value of open communication
– Common challenges to communication in the workplace
– Practices that can open up communication across the workforce