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Reducing the Uncertainty of Expansion

Successful leaders have built an understanding of their market, developed the “soft skills” to lead effectively in it, and recruited the right employees to sustain the business over the long term so they can ensure high performance and attract investors.

Expanding that business internationally carries with it an expansion of those concerns. Global entrepreneurs need to understand the challenges they face in new markets – not only in their product market but also in terms of the talent opportunities and limitations they face – and the logistical hurdles of operating day to day. Leadership across multiple markets involves not only the obvious concerns about language and time zones but also more subtle challenges, such as working with remote teams. Employment branding takes on greater importance as the company grows in size and builds for the long-term.

The best way to help small and medium-sized enterprises that are expanding into new markets is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from the growth process. By identifying some of the biggest challenges that growing companies face, we can boost leaders’ confidence as well as their abilities. By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

– Learn what it takes to operate in the new market
– Understand and be able to use a global leadership style:
– Design an employment brand that works across borders: