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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Leadership in Singapore

Singapore has a long history of integrating retired military personnel into the civilian workforce. Considering that most military members face a maximum retirement age in their early to mid-40s, it is no surprise they actively pursue second careers, and the civilian sector is happy to have them bring both the technical and the soft skills they developed during their years in uniform.

The gap, however, between the military world and the civilian workplace is getting wider. From structural elements like strict hierarchies and clearly defined roles, to day-to-day interactions such as following orders without question, many aspects of the military are very different from the rapidly changing civilian world. This session will introduce key differences that businesses and government agencies in Singapore have identified, and provide leaders with the understanding they need to address them, including:

– The realities of the talent market
– Maximizing workforce performance
– Leading a diverse workforce
– Taking ownership of professional development