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Helping Your Employees Be Their Best

A coach’s job is not to win games…instead, it’s to create an environment where the players can win games. Whether you are leading a highly coordinated water polo team, or picking individual runners who have the best chance to bring home SEA Games medals, the coach’s role is to select the best team, create a plan for winning, then turn them loose and let them do it.

The same is true for leaders and managers in any organization. You may think the best thing is to tell your employees exactly what to do, and watch over their shoulders while they do it, so work gets done the way you want. If you do that, though, it means you are not getting the value out of your people that you should. Either they are talented, and you are wasting those talents, or they are not the right people, and should not be working for you in the first place. Either way, you are missing out on potential benefits, and probably driving up your costs, too. In this session, we will discuss how to:

– Build a high-performing team
– Design a winning game plan
– Step back and let your employees do what they do best