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Helping Individuals Become a Powerful Team

Most businesses in Asia face regular changes in the technology they need to do their work, or in the opportunities and challenges in their markets. Employees operating individually can miss a lot and be slow to react. They may not see what is happening until it is too late, and they typically need to bring together multiple skill sets in new ways to address changes. Collaboration is the key to business success in Asia.

At the same time, many educational systems across Asia still emphasize individual effort, and a lot of traditional companies focus on recognizing the “rock stars” who do great on their own. As your newer employees arrive from schools where they were taught to work by themselves, and as longer-term employees have spent their careers focused on individual achievement, you need a culture where it is easy for your employees to work together.

We will focus on:

– Setting expectations and using practices that enable collaboration
– Recognizing and rewarding collaboration
– Attracting and recruiting collaborative employees