Global Entrepreneurs: Reducing the Uncertainty of Overseas Expansion
Singapore, Date TBA
Sydney, Date TBA

The best way to help entrepreneurs who are expanding into new markets is to remove as much uncertainty as possible from the growth process. By identifying some of the biggest challenges that growing companies face, we can boost entrepreneurs’ confidence as well as their abilities.

The Transition From Military-to-Civilian Leadership
Singapore, 15 September 2015

As former SAF personnel come into your organization, they offer a lot of benefits, but getting the full value of those benefits means adapting to the leadership needs of the modern workplace. There are many military leadership methods that are useful in the civilian context, but there are also some changes that often need to be made.

Travel Buddies for Your Startup Journey
Singapore, 7 October 2015

A fun trip requires planning, and when you travel with others, things get more complicated. The same is true for your startup: your business plan is essential, but finding the right people to make that journey with you, and keeping everyone focused on the goal, takes effort as well. The session explores how to build a leadership plan to carry out your business plan. (conducted in collaboration with muru-D)

Leading Like a Coach
Singapore, 8 October 2015

A coach’s job is not to win games…it’s to create an environment where the players can win games. Whether it’s for a sports team or for your business, the coach’s role is to select the best people, create a plan for winning, then make sure the players have what they need to carry it out.

The Talent Congress
Singapore, 18-19 November 2015
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The Talent Congress 2015 challenges traditional approaches to talent management through case-studies, presentations and panel discussions. We bring together some of the most forward-thinking HR leaders to discuss changing dynamics within the workforce and the steps they are taking to stay ahead. (Dr Thomas will be chairing this event in partnership with HRM Asia)

HR Business Partner Leadership Training
Kuala Lumpur, 23-25 November 2015

Just as economic uncertainties present new challenges, the rise of the ASEAN Economic Community brings new opportunities. The most important resource for overcoming obstacles and taking advantage of new possibilities is the talent in your workforce, and now is the time to look at how that talent can shape your business strategy for 2016. This workshop will help HR Business Partners and other HR leaders more effectively help business leaders maximize the value of their people. (Dr Thomas will be a facilitator at this event, which is being produced by 1M Leadership Academy of Malaysia)