About You

You are a new manager or a rising leader in a company – maybe a small enterprise, maybe a big multinational. As you take on more responsibilities, you want the confidence that comes from great training to let you make decisions that help your company – and your employees – grow.

Perhaps you are starting a new business and do not have a lot of leadership experience. Your greatest resource is your people, so you are looking for opportunities to build your skills and help you make the most of your employees’ talents.

Maybe you work in a government agency or international organization that is making the world just a little bit better. The public sector has its own unique challenges, and we want to help you accomplish your mission while playing by the rules of the game.

We understand that leaders in different situations share a common goal: to create an environment where their employees can do their best work and help their organization succeed. Designing Leaders offers small, interactive classes, as well as facilitated on-site seminars, to help you build the practical skills necessary to lead and manage talented people.