Monthly Archives: June 2018

Studying Strong Leadership

President Sullivan

Last weekend I attended my 30th reunion at the University of Virginia, and had a chance to chat with the current president, Teresa A. Sullivan. I had met her a few years before, at an alumni event in Singapore, and was very impressed by her candor and her grasp of issues, both the obvious big […]

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The Past is Present

I spent this weekend at my 30th class reunion at the University of Virginia. It was a great couple of days seeing old places and old friends, some of whom I’m in touch with regularly, and others whom I have not seen since the day we graduated. Naturally, we all had plenty of stories to […]

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Financial Wellbeing

You may not be able to pay your employees more, but you can at least help them feel better about what they have and what they do with it. A recent article about individual financial health in the United States revealed that most people know relatively little about how to manage their money, and they […]

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The Value of Short-Term Goals

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A couple weeks ago I ran the Sundown Marathon in Singapore. I last ran that race in 2014, and had figured I probably wouldn’t run it again. Only about 6 weeks beforehand, though, I decided to go run 42.195km through Singapore, starting at 1am. Why would I do that? For the last ten years I […]

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